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Why Choose Joomla Web Design Services for Your CMS Website?

August 20th, 2018

In the last few years popularity of CMS applications have gone up significantly. The low development cost and simplicity of these apps is the main reason behind this. However, there are several such applications and you need to pick a suitable one to get your business website designed. Joomla is among the most widely used CMS apps nowadays and you can consider it to get your website developed. However, it is necessary that you know the main benefits of hiring a CMS web development company to design your site using this application.

Reasons why you should prefer Joomla over other Competing CMS Products

While every CMS app offers some amount of flexibility and functionality for end users, Joomla web design is the suitable option for user friendly sites. Its integrated WYSIWYG editor is simple to use and makes it a cakewalk for developers who want to develop functional websites without using many extension or plug-ins. It will be wrong to assume this CMS is meant only for personal or small business sites. Full-fledged eCommerce site creation is not a problem with this app. If you want to add more features to a site, the 4000 plus plug-ins of this app comes to rescue. To use media elements and make site interactive, there are multiple options to pick from. When you get a website developed, security becomes a concern. Websites made using this CMS app are robust in this regard.

Website Management and Updating Made Easy

Even after you get a website developed the way you want, things are not finished. It will be necessary to update the content and media elements in your site from time to time. The nice thing about Joomla based website is that the owner does not necessarily resort to the developers for such needs. You may update content in your website without requiring programming knowledge and much technological expertise. From image gallery upload to post publishing or managing, everything is a simple and straight forward affair in Joomla powered websites.

Hire a Suitable CMS Developer for your Site

It is necessary to hire a veteran and reliable web deployment firm for your website creation needs. You need to look for tenure of such an agency and its customer reviews for practical reasons. In top social media sites, you will find plenty of resources on these service providers.

Joomla Web Design is useful to eCommerce type of large sites where there are many product pages that need to be created and new products that need to be added as time progresses and business expands. Joomla is an efficient CMS for maintaining such a business website.

How To Choose A Good eCommerce Website Development Company

August 19th, 2018

In order to create a successful and efficient online store you need assistance from eCommerce web developers that will assist you in the creation of your website keeping in mind all the factors required to fetch maximum profits and boost sales. Below are the main aspects that should be considered by every website owner before hiring an eCommerce web designing company –

1. GO FOR SPECIALIZED COMPANIES – An eCommerce website is a long-term project and requires continuous support with regular addition and removal of items from the stock, price changes and introduction of various deals and discounts. This work can be done efficiently by people who have expertise and detailed knowledge of your website and its content. Hence go for website companies who have already specialized in this field instead of freelancers or acquaintances. Try to choose a reputable company for your work because companies having good name in the market are always determined towards satisfying their clients.

2. DEADLINES AND TIME-FRAMES – You must make sure that the developers hired by you will be able to complete the assigned work within the time-frame and provide you with the product within the specified date. In the current scenario time is money and no one is going to wait for a long time for your website to launch.

3. COST ESTIMATION – Before getting into any kind of commitment as the company to be transparent about the cost that will be involved. Prefer a company that offers additional services like graphic design, web hosting, copy writing etc. without any hidden charges. These kind of additional services are a godsend for people wishing to come up as a leading store on the on-line platform. Make sure that the service you get is worth every penny invested by you.

4. EXPERTISE AND SAMPLE WORK – Look for the reputable web development companies in your area and when you meet them ask for the reviews and go through their sample work before any final commitment. Also make sure that the company uses the best technology and the best eCommerce website development software. Go through the sample work of at least 2-3 different companies and compare their work before finalizing any of them. Talk to the people who have previously worked with that company and find out about their credibility of their services.

5. LOOK FROM THE USER POINT OF VIEW – Do not only look at only the quality of design your website after it has been created but go through its functionality from a user’s point of view. Check the portfolio and their client and user’s feedback about the kind of services they are providing.The most creative, flexible and reputed one will finally lead to the most efficient and best eCommerce web design for your website.

6. TRAINING AND SUPPORT – Make sure that you have the access to your website’s content 24/7 and you are able to update it personally from time to time. This will need you to have some kind of training which should be provided as a support from the website development company. A good website development company always makes sure that the final product delivered to you is fully customized.

HTML5 Technologies Of Modern Web Design

August 18th, 2018

No further than 10-15 years ago, web design was a highly paid and sought after skill. Web designers were hard to find, therefore they were charging high rates for their services. Today, this changed completely. Any small business owner who starts an offline business can have an associated website up and running in as little as one day and with investments that don’t go above the $100 margin. However, if you want a website that looks professional, have a unique and exquisite design and interactive functions, you’ll need to take more out of your pocket. We are going to see next what are the characteristics a good website should have today.

A good website should be based on modern programming technologies. HTML5 and CSS 3 are the newest standards in the industry. If you want to think ahead and build a website to last you at least five years from now on, you should consider building it on these technologies.

As more and more people browse the web from their tablets and smartphones, website owners should try to cater to this fast-growing trend. A few years ago, the solution was to build two versions of the same website: one for normal screens and one for smartphones. Today we have the responsive web design, which is a set of rules that make a website behave differently depending on the device it is accessed from. The site will automatically detect the device and its screen resolution and it will show the user a version optimized precisely for that particular gadget and screen.

Modern web design should keep pace with trends. Just like in the fashion industry, web design has trends which sites that want to stay modern will follow. For example, image carousels are now the latest craze, so you can’t imagine developing an online magazine without a slide show of the latest articles on the front page.

The design of a website should take into consideration the user experience. During the web development process, design teams should present viewers several variants of the same page and compare the conversion rates. If you want the best performance for your effort and money you should definitely ask your users what they think and rely on their feedback.

Years ago, it was difficult to use unconventional typefaces for a website. Not all browsers were able to render those fonts properly, so it was better to avoid too much creativity in this respect and stick to the regular font families everybody was using. Today we have a huge variety of web fonts available. Many of them are free. It is very easy to integrate them in your menus and headlines, so you can make your pages truly unique and remarkable. Besides, you’ll be sure fonts will show correctly in all big browsers, so you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The beauty of modern web development technologies is that they can fit all levels of budget and technical knowledge. You can build a site with WordPress for almost free and with almost no coding or design skills or you can spend several thousands and have a stunning and profit-optimized website.